About the timber door component

CombiDoors are fabricated using external grade, kiln dried blockwood core doors. Both paint grade and timber finish (Sliced Pacific Maple, abreviated as SPM) doors are available.

CombiDoors are suitable for timber and steel door frames.

Door sizes
Any door size is available. Standard door sizes are available up to 2400mm x 1200mm. Doors can be trimmed to particular sizes as required. Any major trimming to a particular size is best done by Combion prior to us fitting the alloy components. Minor on-site trimming may still be necessary to complete installation.

Common standard door sizes available (in both 35mm or 40mm thicknesses) are:
2040mm x 820, 870 or 920mm.
2100mm x 920 or 1200mm.
2400mm x 920 or 1200mm.
Larger door sizes than those mentioned above can also be manufactured.

We have nine standard grill and mesh sizes to suit all door sizes down to doors 720mm wide. Doors narrower than 720mm can be fitted with CombiDoor systems on request.

Door fittings
CombiDoors are usually supplied without the door frame, hinges or locks.

Automatic closers
Automatic closers can be fitted to CombiDoors.

Lever locks
Whitco Bevel Series lever locks have been approved for fitting to CombiDoors by QBuild. Because these locks have a short lever they work well in conjunction with the Combiframe on the back of a CombiDoor. These lever locks are especially suited to narrower CombiDoors.

Under all the alloy we fit is painted with three coats of oil-based primer, undercoat and topcoat. Therefore the alloy we fit will not need to be removed; you can be assured that under these fittings are three coats of paint.Two forms of under-painting are available; basic and full.

‘Basic under-painting’ extends a little beyond the alloy we fit to make it easier for the painter/contractor to complete painting of the door.

In addition to painting under all the alloy we fit, we also paint the bottom of doors with three coats of oil-based paint.

We also offer a ‘full under-paint’ as an option; the door is wholly primed and undercoated.

Door pairs
Pairs of CombiDoors, or combinations of door sizes can also be supplied. These can be manufactured with the lock edge rebated or flush.

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Photo of CombiDoor

Paint-grade CombiDoor (before final painting and installation). Alloy powdercoated grey with a powdercoated black small diamond alloy security grill. This photo also shows basic under-painting extending a little beyond the alloy to allow completion of painting by painter up to the alloy.