General specifications

Powdercoating colours
An extensive range of powdercoating colours or combination of colours are available. These include the Dulux range and Interpon range and include ColourBond* colours. Our powdercoater has one of the most extensive ranges from both manufacturers. However, not all colours are available. Check with us to determine if the colour you desire is available.

To provide CombiDoors as economically as possible we have adopted three ‘standard’ colours:
• Pearl white gloss
• Black satin
• Primrose gloss.

‘Non-standard’ colours or combinations of colours do incur a small extra cost.

Glass is usually 4mm thick and toughened. We have adopted the ‘Spotswood’ style (rippled surface, translucent effect) as our standard.

Other types and styles are available including Satinlite glass, laminated glass and polycarbonate.

Australian standards
Timber doors and glass are manufactured to Australian Standards. Alloy is manufactured to Australian Standards. The stainless steel mesh in the Screenguard system has been tested and meet the Australian Standard. Security grills and stainless steel mesh frames are assembled to Australian Standards.

Special requirements
We manufacture CombiDoors for customers with particular requirements. Call us any time about your situation.

We are able, through various transport firms, to supply to anywhere in Queensland and throughout Australia. All CombiDoors are securely packaged for freighting with bubble wrap and formed cardboard outer skins.

We are a QBuild registered supplier
We are approved as a supplier to the Queensland Government, our Building and Asset Services (previously QBuild) number is 834813.

We recognise there can be issues to manage when installing doors. We therefore phone every customer prior to freighting to confirm delivery arrangements.

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Photo of CombiDoor

Front view.          Rear view.
A paint-grade CombiDoor with gold powdercoated small diamond alloy security grill depicting under-painting extending slightly beyond the alloy. Shown before before final painting and installation.