Doors need to be installed correctly, painted appropriately, and maintained to ensure they do not deteriorate in our harsh climate.

Our advice is consistent with door manufactureres and suppliers in this country.

Overhead protection
All doors need overhead protection. The aspect of the door (faces north, south, east or west), and the location in the country, have a great bearing on the overhead protection needed to preserve the life of the door.

Hume Doors have an excellant article on their Downloads page specifing overhead protection. Based on generally accepted advice regarding aspect and location, all doors should have between half the height of the door, to the full height of the door, as overhead covering.

Doors need to be painted or stained light to medium colours to reduce the possibility of bow, twist and warp. All six sides of a door should be painted the same colour. Medium to dark colours and stains void the warranty. Each side or edge of a door should never be painted a different colour to any other side or edge. Paint with a Light Reflective Value (LRV) greater than 50 should be used on external doors; white is LRV 50, black is LRV 5 appromimately.

Care and maintenance
Doors need regular inspection and maintenance to ensure they are kept in good order.

Guarantee and warranty
Consistent with Hume's warranty, doors higher that 2150mm or wider than 1020mm are not guaranteed against warp.

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Photo of CombiDoor

This CombiDoor has the small diamond alloy as the security grill and a pet door below the screen.