We supply quotes promptly and are happy to provide you with any other information you may require.

To provide a quote, some of the information we need to know (in addition to normal business communications) includes:
• Door size (or opening width and height).
• Thickness of the door.
• Powdercoating colour or combination of colours.

When ordering we need to know how the door is aligned; that is, hinged on the right or left when looking from the outside or inside.

A Quote/ordering form is available to download. This is a simle check list of all of the items we need to know to prepare a quote or fabricate a CombiDoor. Simply complete the form and email of fax it to us to obtain a quote.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.  

Photo of CombiDoor

Paint grade rebated pair of narrow CombiDoors (585mm each) with powdercoated white small diamond security alloy grills. Shown before final painting and installation.