CombiDoors have many advantages:
• One door giving security, ventilation   and allowing light passage.
• Allows conversation with someone   outside without opening the door.
• No chain or swinging insecure
  screen door.
• Excellent for those with a disability or   impairment.
• No need to wrestle with two doors.
• Highly regarded by seniors.
• Can be fitted with automatic closers.
• Can be used as an entrance, rear or   internal door.
• Extensively specified by occupational   therapists.
• One set of locks & hinges on the primary timber door.
• Toughened glass.
• Sliding glass panel is both catch and key lockable.
• Pet doors can be installed.
• Can be installed as pairs of doors.
• Inward or outward opening.
• Painted or timber finish external
  grade door.
• Alloy grill or stainless steel mesh for   security.
• All powdercoating colours available.
• Competitively priced.

Winner of an Australian Design Award the CombiDoor is:
• Good looking
• Great concept
• Functional
• Secure
• Versatile
• Good value.

CombiDoors are ideal for:
• Homes and units
• Offices and commercial locations
• High density housing
• Seniors villages
• Medical facilities
• Schools and institutions.

CombiDoors are ideal in situations where two doors (entrance and a screen door) would be problematic.

CombiDoors are supplied across
Australia to:

• Government agencies and services
• Community groups and services
• Housing agencies
• Disability services
• Commercial situations
• Individuals.

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Photo of CombiDoor

Painted CombiDoor in a steel frame, with stainless steel security mesh, and black powdercoated alloy.