Security grills and stainless steel mesh

CombiDoors are available with alloy grills or stainless steel mesh for security.

Ten grill and mesh opening panel sizes
Ten sizes of grills and mesh panels are now available. These ten panel sizes are tailored to suit the particular door sizes with the wider panels used in the wider doors.

Larger grill or mesh panel sizes increase the opening and ventilation area in wider doors. The larger panel sizes enable the largest possible openings for ventilation, while retaining the CombiDoor’s flexibility as an all-in-one entrance and security door.

Alloy grills
Alloy grills use either the small diamond or standard diamond sized openings. The small diamond grill prevents small hands from gaining access. Small diamond grills are usually specified by governments throughout Australia.

Pet doors
Pet doors are easily accomodated using a shorter grill and placing the pet door below the grill. Pet doors can be inserted when the door is fabricated or allowance made for later installation after the CombiDoor is installed.

Stainless steel mesh
Security with style and view. The award winning ‘all in one’ security entrance door, the CombiDoor, is available with stainless steel security mesh.

CombiDoors use the new Screenguard security system ( to hold the stainless steel mesh in the frame. This system uses unique plastic strips to securely retain the mesh without any touching of dissimilar metals (including bolts).

A premier stainless steel mesh is used. Mesh is a woven form using corrosion resistant marine grade stainless steel, 316 grade. This anti-corrosion stainless steel mesh has a black UV protected coating to enable maximum through viewing. The Screenguard system has been tested and passed the latest Australian Standard AS 5039-2003.

Economical sizing and fabrication has enabled prices for CombiDoors with stainless steel mesh to be attractively priced compared to a CombiDoor with an alloy grill.

Ten sizes of stainless steel mesh opening panels are available in the same sizes as supplied in CombiDoors with the alloy grills.

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Photo of CombiDoor

Looking out, from the inside, through a CombiDoor with stainless steel security mesh.

Photo of CombiDoor

CombiDoor with timber finish and small diamond alloy security grill powdercoated Manor Red.